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A Light Bulb Publishing

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Suspense. Drama. Women's Fiction.

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My Story

Hello, I'm Autumn J. Bright. When I was a kid, I used to sit in class and my mind would often wander off into imaginary worlds of fanciful characters and adventures. Fast forward many years later, not much had changed. As an adult, either sitting behind my computer at work or trying to pay attention in a meeting, I still found myself drifting in and out of stories in my head. Eventually, I’d go on to turn some of those stories into manuscripts and try my hand at getting a traditional publishing deal. But as you probably already guessed—no luck! Breaking into the establishment proved to be harder than I thought. And that’s when I decided to do research, be brave, and go it alone.


In 2015, I formed A Light Bulb Publishing and became my own publisher. That same year, I self-published my debut novel, Love Sick, which received praise from readers and long-standing trade magazines, Publishers Weekly and Kirkus Reviews. And Booklist gave a glowing review for, Lovely, my second novel released in 2017. Today I'm still in search of a talented literary agent to help me land that coveted book deal. But until then, I will proudly continue to publish my works as an independent author. This site is for media and general industry inquiries. But all are welcome.  

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